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All families who undergo an assessment are offered follow-up as part of an agreed package. Further psychological input following a diagnostic or other psychological assessment is negotiable. Families who have benefitted from psychological assessments in the past may re-engage with me in order to address current psychological issues. I am experienced in working individually with children and with adults, working with couples and with families, and in running groups for children and for parents.

One area of follow-up is in helping parents to understand and respond to the challenges of parenting a child with ASD:

Dear Pete, Just to thank you very much for your support today - it really helped me - just sorry I imposed on you so early … Thank you for being so readily willing to help us in this crisis.”
Parent of adolescent daughter with ASD, November 2009

Another area of follow-up may be in helping a person with ASD to develop their understanding of social situations:

Thank you for taking the time to send this info. I am looking at it a bit at a time as one thing leads to another … It certainly makes a whole new world out there using a different point of view.”
Adult with ASD, May 2009

I have also helped couples with ASD in relationship counselling:

Would it be possible for my husband and I to come and see you for a little bit of relationship realignment! Just struggling at the moment as our children have changed to a more local school … and I am not coping with the issues raised … and am not communicating properly with my husband, therefore starting a rather unpleasant downward spiral. Hope this makes sense.”
Adult with ASD (and parent of children with ASD), January 2009

Another use of psychological input has been in understanding and managing emotions in children with ASD:

I really enjoyed last night – the two other ladies are really nice and open so I felt very comfortable talking to them … [Name] and I really enjoyed our three group sessions with you – thank you very much … Personally I’m starting to really understand that a) this is not something that’s going to be magically ‘cured’ and b) our own learning is going to be lifelong. I’m also learning what ‘coping strategies’ actually are and the huge difference they can make to our day to day lives.”
Parent of primary school-aged boy with Asperger syndrome, November and December 2009 


Fees for Clinical Follow-up

Fees for Expert Witness work are subject to continued Government consultation.

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